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Hi I'm Tanja..  It's so lovely to have you here!

If you're interested in fitness, nutrition and working towards living a more conscious life then please pop by regularly.  

After losing my mom to cancer I have become increasingly aware of how important it is that we look after ourselves - mentally and physically.  Our bodies are a gift and we owe it to ourselves to look after them and nourish them to the best of our ability.  To treasure our health and not take it for granted. To love, respect and cherish ourselves, all other beings and the planet.  This is why I have adopted a plant based diet and I am so excited about this journey I am on! 

I'm not perfect, but I am excited to share with you some of the things I have learnt and continue to learn daily.  Things that inspire me and may possibly inspire you to make some positive life choices as well. I believe in striving towards living a healthy, balanced lifestyle filled with nourishing plant based whole foods.  That small conscious choices can have a huge impact on yourself and everything around you.  We just have to become more aware.


Join me on my journey.  Lets inspire eachother.  Lets work together in finding life's balance.

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