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My Story

I'm so excited to share with you the love and appreciation I have for these essential oils.  They are just another way for nature to amaze and surprise me daily.

They truly are gifts of the earth.

I believe in the power of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and I love how the oils compliment this in so many ways.  It's like having a magic toolbox at my finger tips, where half the fun is learning how to use them in new and exciting ways.

I love that they allow me to naturally support myself physically and emotionally and also help me create a toxic free home which is very important to me.

The more research I did the more I realised that not all essential oils were the same and it was super important for me to make sure I only used the purest oils possible and that I resonated and believed in the heart of the company.

dōTERRA was the only company that met all the tick boxes and I am so thankful to have these oils in my life. 


I am proud to be a part of the dōTERRA family and am excited to play my part in teaching and empowering others to realise that we are not only in control of our health and wellness but that we have also been given the opportunity to create a life we love. 

To be encouraged to dream and live a life of abundance and purpose.

If this inspires you - you're in the right place and I welcome you with open arms.

I'd love to help you get set up with all you need to change your life

and welcome you to our beautiful community


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