DIY Tie Dye - Using Bleach

I have been obsessed with tie dye since I was a little girl.

I remember specifically a pair of bell bottom leggings and top that my mom bought me at the local craft market.

I was literally still wearing the pants at varsity so those of you that have know me that long you'll know which ones I mean :)

I have been wanting to make my own tie dye clothing for years now but I just haven't had the courage to try it, nor did I know where to get all the goodies I need.

As we are currently in lock down I looked into it again hoping I could give it a try. Unfortunately I can't go get any coloured clothing dye, but I managed to find some ideas about doing in in reverse! Instead of adding colours - use bleach on something that already has colour! Yes!


* A bottle of bleach / JIK

- this is not something I usually have at home but as it's an essential item you can find it at any grocery store currently open and it's inexpensive

* Some sort of squeeze bottle which will allow you to control the amount of bleach that comes out

* Dishwashing gloves to protect your hands

* An item of clothing that's made of 100% cotton - can be any colour

* Some rubber bands or some string pieces will work too


Step 1:

* Select your clothing items to bleach

Step 2:

* Get your work area ready

* Make sure the bleach, rubber bands / string pieces and rubber gloves are close by

* I used the bath to work in

Step 3:

* Wet all clothing items and wring out excess water

Step 4:

* Prep all clothing items separately

* Use the scrunch up method to get the clothes ready

* Use the rubber bands / string to hold the clothing item in a tight ball. Tight enough to be able to turn it over without it falling apart

* Do this with each clothing item and lay it in the bath ready for the next step

Step 5:

* Using your gloves, spray / sprinkle the bleach onto the scrunched up clothing

* When you're happy with the one side flip it over carefully and repeat on the other side

- remember that the fabric may not react immediately so don't keep pouring it on till you see something happening

* The bleach will take only a few minutes to react so you need to be on standby

Step 6:

* As soon as you are happy with the look and the colour contrast untie it quickly (but carefully) and wash it with some mild detergent on a quick cycle right away to stop the bleach reacting

Step 7:

* Hang it to dry and admire your new clothes!

- if after drying you can still smell the bleach add it to your next load of washing for a second wash