Just breathe...

When last did you take a full breath in? So full that you could not get any more air into your lungs? And out again... till you squeezed out every last bit of air... and a little more..

I was made aware of this at a yoga class recently and it's really stuck with me. We were given a challenge of taking the time daily to take 33 breaths in a row. 33 mindful breaths in and out through our nose. Slow breaths... Complete breaths.

Oxygen is one of the primary catalysts for energy and optimal health in our bodies. An essential part of life.

Most of us rush around and feel like we hardly ever have time for ourselves or that we often need to sacrifice other things just for a peaceful moment?

So I challenge you to try and make time daily for 33 mindful breaths for the next 7 days. Take some time to just be. Close your eyes. Take a moment. It's Ok! You need to breathe anyway right? You're not being selfish with your time... you're JUST BREATHING..