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What Is Low Tox Living?

Low Tox Living is exactly what it sounds like – living your life with as few toxins as possible.

The term ‘low tox living’ is about the positive impact that reducing the number of synthetic chemicals in our home can have on our overall wellbeing and the planet. Low Tox stands for low toxins and is essentially reducing the amount of toxins you are exposed to in your environment.

Now, it’s not realistic that we can remove every toxin from our daily lives. They are everywhere. So, it’s important to be realistic with what you can control.

Every day we’re exposed to a cocktail of toxins and chemicals that’s affecting all parts of our health - physical, mental and spiritual.

There are toxins on our food, in our house, in the air we breathe and the water we drink, in cleaning products, toiletries and clothes. We can’t escape. But we can make a difference with the choices we make every day.

Luckily the human body is a pretty incredible machine and for the most part it deals with your daily toxic load by detoxing naturally. But with all the constant bombardment of toxic crap, it could do with a little help.

Admittedly, low tox living isn’t easy. It might mean giving up your favourite makeup products or spending hour researching ingredients in your favourite deodorant or skin cream. However, if you manage to make just a few low tox choices, you’ll find that you feel much better – in fact, the process could change your life.

This is where I come in. I will be sharing more on this topic here and hope to encourage and empower you on your journey to a more low tox lifestyle.

If you have any specific topics you'd like me to cover please comment below and I'll be sure to do that for you.

Again - a reminder that this lifestyle may seem a bit intimidating at first - but every small change will have a ripple effect and make a difference - I promise.

Sending love + don't forget to shine your light, T x

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